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Burneika and the Girls Dominate Berlin

Burneika and the Girls Dominate Berlin


The Berlin Affiliate Conference 2016 saw a lively first day as the exhibitors all attempted to grab the limelight. Of course, even among all the bright lights, shiny stands, open bars and scantily-clad models, no one managed to overshadow the gorgeous EnergyGirls!

Despite many plucky challengers, and a tempting 100% commission offer as a prize, it came as no surprise that not a single person managed to beat the amazing IFBB pro Robert Burneika in our arm wrestling challenge! Even Calvin Ayre presenter Becky Liggero gave it a shot, on camera, but to no avail (top points for effort though Becky). Robert is EnergyBet’s newest brand ambassador and we’re all thrilled to have him on-board.

In fact, Robert was the undisputed star of the show, and never got more than a few minutes breathing space in between posing for photos, and demonstrating his immense strength by lifting people into the air single handed. In the days before the conference, Robert and the EnergyGirls had been filming new commercials for EnergyBet and, by all accounts, they are going to be hilarious – so watch this space! It wasn’t just the girls and Robert grabbing the attention at the Energy stand though. Everything was a hive of activity, with our representatives catching up with old friends and introducing new affiliates to the benefits of working with Energy, and our great new system Level Up. If you’d like to find out more about Robert, you can check out his official website at www.robertburneika.net

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