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EnergyGirls Summer Trip to Malta

EnergyGirls Summer Trip to Malta


The photoshoot for the eighth edition of the EnergyGirls Calendar is in the bag! Our EnergyGirls, Ola, Olga, Magda and Karolina, travelled to the sun-soaked Mediterranean island of Malta for a summer photoshoot. With 300 days of sunshine per year and a capital city (Valletta) that has more hours of sun per year – over 3,000 – than any other European city, Malta was the obvious choice for a shoot filled with swimwear and summer style.

Travelling around the island, the girls were captured on film in some spectacular locations. They visited the historic fortified city of Vittoriosa, and also took in the natural beauty on display at Ta Kalanka Sea Cave. The girls also headed to Baia Beach and Golden Bay, two of Malta’s most popular beaches, because where else would you go in swimwear but the beach?!

The photos from the trip will of course feature in the EnergyGirls Calendar 2020. As always, the calendars will have special bonuses to be used at EnergyCasino. There’s also set to be a smaller calendar available that’s perfectly sized to sit upon your desk.

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