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Have a Drink with Miss September

Have a Drink with Miss September


Normally, significant quantities of thick smoke pouring out from under seating at a night club would be cause for concern – but don’t worry, in this case there’s no need to call the fire brigade, it’s just because Miss September is so hot!



Yep, as we approach the end of summer, it’s time to have a drink with the EnergyGirls and ponder what we’ve learned and achieved over the long sunny months. Maybe you’ve been travelling, as have so many of the girls, or perhaps you had a big win at EnergyCasino or EnergyBet, and have spent the summer spending your winnings in style? Perhaps you’ve spent all summer wondering what the point of hoverboards is, or why ‘iced coffee’ sounds so good but ‘cold coffee’ sounds terrible – it doesn’t matter anymore, you’re here in the club with the girls, and with your minds combined, you’ll be able to solve any mystery of the modern world… probably.

So, make sure you’ve got August’s wonderful wallpaper saved somewhere safe, and clear some room for September! Oh, and rumour has it that the girls are already shooting for next year’s EnergyGirls calendar – so make sure you watch this space for sneak previews and updates.

In the meantime, consider this: when all cars and trucks are self-driving, will ice cream vans just be mobile vending machines?

are you the next energygirl?