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She’s Electric! The Little Black Dress

She’s Electric! The Little Black Dress


Does anything beat the little black dress? Nope, not when it’s on one of the EnergyGirls, that’s for certain! We’re sure you’ll agree that the July wallpaper is positively electric – in fact, she turned that strip light on just by touching it!

energy girls wallpaper july

So, we know it’s difficult, but try and force yourself to remove June’s lovely ladies and make some room for Miss July! Just be careful, because EnergyGirls wallpapers have been known to have trance-inducing hypnotic effects, that whilst normally harmless, have been responsible for the odd drop or two in productivity here at Energy HQ!

If you think the EnergyGirls deserve more than your screen, why not pick up a discounted copy of the 2017 EnergyGirls Calendar in the EnergyShop? There’s an exclusive EnergyCasino bonus each month, but to get the most out of it, we recommend removing each photograph, popping them in frames, hanging them on your wall, then donning a silk dressing gown, grabbing a whisky, putting your feet up, whilst playing roulette at EnergyCasino and imagining you’re Hugh Hefner for an evening.

are you the next energygirl?